Welcome to Growler. We're happy you found us! What’s our story? Well, as descendants of an ancient line of dog lovers, we’ve spent years collecting all things doglicious. Our passion is for paw-fection and so we want to share the things we love with the dog lovers of the world.

From our limited edition art to the exclusive vintage collectables you’ll find in our shop, the Growler collection has been put together with passion and attention to detail. Everything we sell has been carefully chosen and designed – we’re talking extra special treasures to feed a dog lover’s soul.

We’re starting Chihuahua sized and hoping to grow into a Great Dane! Yes - we’ve got big plans. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be introducing exciting new artists and designers and our vintage department will always have something special to tempt you.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Think of us as a puppy in training – a bit over excitable and anxious to please (we’ve got the house-training bit sorted though). We would love to hear from you – especially the good stuff. But if you do have any little growls then we’d like to know about those too so we can get it right next time! Just email us – hello@growler-london.co.uk.

So if you’re looking for that paw-fect (we’ll stop that now) present for the dog lover in your life or just deserve a treat that isn’t made out of rawhide, sit back, make yourself comfortable and be welcomed into the warm furry world of Growler.


Harvey – The smoothest Lurcher in town. Don’t tell anyone, but beneath the cool, calm exterior there’s a big softie. The Battersea boy and the brains behind Growler.

Ringo – Gone but never to be forgotten, Ringo lives on in Growler – literally as he’s the star of L is for Lurcher in Rob’s A-Z of dogs. Rescued by Lurcher Link.

Georgie – the new kid on the block. Part minx, part spider monkey. Oh – and there’s some Saluki in there too! Rescued by Lurcher SOS.

We are big supporters of Animal Rescue. All the Growler hounds had a tough start in life before landing firmly with all four paws in the butter. Growler will be supporting various Lurcher rescue organistions, as well as charities that have a special place in the hearts of the people we work with.

At the request of photographer Martin Usborne, we’ll be donating 10% of the profit on the Mute series to the Dogs Trust. In addition, 10% of the profit on L is for Lurcher by Rob Clarke will go to the The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals in Hertfordshire. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Growler_London) for all charity updates.